Keutsch Group


Welcome Zhaojin to our group as a Postdoctoral Researcher in December 2023!

Our research article "In situ measurements of perturbations to stratospheric aerosol and modeled ozone and radiative impacts following the 2021 La Soufrière eruption" has been published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics in December 2023!

We are a team of interdisciplinary atmospheric scientists and engineers. Our research efforts aim to understand the effects of natural and anthropogenic emissions on climate and human health and on aerosol-biosphere-climate interactions. Using innovative experimental design and instrument development, we combine laboratory studies, observations, and modeling to obtain a holistic view of chemistry-climate interactions in local and global contexts. 

Field Work

High altitude aircraft (WB-57) in Fairbanks, AK, carrying a payload designated to measuring stratospheric aerosols.

Laboratory Experiments

Laser-induced fluorescence used in our lab to measure ppt concentrations of formaldehyde.


Ozone depletion due to the La Soufrière eruption in 2021 modeled using SOCOL-AER.

Interested in Joining our Team?

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student, or interested in a postdoc, please don't hesitate to contact Frank Keutsch